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In addition to coauthoring The Manager as Negotiator, an established textbook at the Harvard Business School and many other leading graduate schools, David Lax and James Sebenius have contributed articles to the Harvard Business Review, Negotiation, Negotiation Journal, Financial Times, Ivey Business Journal, and others.

Selected articles are listed below. Click the following link for some of our additional articles on negotiation.

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A Really Good Deal (PDF), an introduction to the third in a series of articles the authors wrote for the Harvard Business Review. (2003)


Six Habits of Merely Effective Negotiators, Negotiating the Spirit of the Deal, and 3-D Negotiation: Playing the Whole Game. The trilogy of Harvard Business Review articles referenced in the introduction above. (2003)


Negotiation: the right set-up makes a deal, Financial Times (2004)




How No-Deal Options Can Drive Great Deals: When Actions Away from the Table Eclipse Face-to-Face Negotiation, a version of an Ivey Business Journal article.  This version has the full set of citations and sources (omitted by editorial policy from the published version). (2004)





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“. . . this stuff works. . . you’d better read it now, because the other guy is reading it, too.”

—Thomas A. Stewart, Editor in Chief, Harvard Business Review, from A Really Good Deal



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