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Consulting and Training

Lax Sebenius LLC is a negotiation strategy and capability-building firm. We draw on a combination of decades of practical experience from investment and merchant bankers, corporate advisors and diplomats, both negotiating as principals and advising on complex transactions in the corporate, financial, and diplomatic realms – and cutting-edge academic research at the Harvard Business School. This systematic approach enables us to integrate knowledge of finance, corporate strategy, government and organizational behavior.

We have three related areas of practice:

Advisory Services. We help our clients develop and implement strategies that help them get better results in specific negotiations, whether starting new relationships, acquiring or divesting businesses, working effectively with governments, restructuring existing relationships, selling and purchasing, exiting relationships or resolving disputes. We have worked with cabinet ministries and government agencies in diplomatic negotiations as well as in dealings with private sector entities. More information on our negotiation advisory services.

Training. We provide engaging, interactive negotiation training that is based upon the 3-D Negotiation™ method, which we believe to be the most sophisticated negotiation approach available.

Organizational Capability-Building. We develop programs to build a client’s capability to negotiate certain classes of arrangements more effectively by distilling best practices these negotiations and using highly customized training and other follow-up work with clients to create a much higher probability that client employees will adopt our approach. More information on our services to build organization capacity for negotiation.

As trainers and capability-builders, we strengthen a client’s ability to develop strategies and negotiate more effectively and to learn from its own best practices and experience. We have developed training and capability-building programs that improve participants’ ability to

  • Negotiate and closing large or complex sales;
  • Handle the squeeze between consolidating suppliers and rising raw materials prices;
  • Negotiate mergers and acquisitions;
  • Handle business development and licensing negotiations;
  • Purchase goods and services;
  • Negotiate exploration and development deals;
  • Negotiate private equity deals;
  • Negotiate joint ventures, alliances and other partnering arrangements;
  • Negotiate with professional service firm clients on fees, scope, relationship improvement,
  • problem management;
  • Negotiate internally to implement projects;
  • Develop a strategy for getting design approval for large infrastructure projects, construct the project in a relatively uninterrupted way, and operate it without roadblocks; and
  • Negotiate information technology contracts.

See www.Negotiate.com for more information.


For more information on the advice and training available from Lax Sebenius, please visit www.Negotiate.com.

"For many years, we searched for just the right firm and individual to find the best approach to enhance our senior executives' negotiating skills and after endless presentations of tired win-win and win-lose cliches, we began working closely with Dr. Jim Sebenius. His 3-D approach is in use at many levels of the Estee Lauder Companies with excellent results.”

- William Lauder, CEO,
the Estee Lauder Companies

“I have worked directly with the authors on some of the most challenging negotiations of my career. Their 3-D approach was important in helping to deliver hundreds of millions of pounds of value for shareholders.”

- Philip Yea, CEO, 3i Group plc. [3i Group is a FTSE 100 venture capital and private equity company that has invested more than £26bn in more than 14,000 businesses].


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